Doing the right thing is not always easy. We fight everyday to do what we see is right by our moral standards. We help those who are less fortunate, sometimes. We may give a friend a ride in our car if they don’t have one, sometimes. We may even stop at the hospital to see a sick friend, sometimes. But is it enough? Enough for what?

What is our driving motive to do good things? I use to help others and I would feel good about it. It made me feel like a better person! “I’m a good person. I’m going to Heaven. Look, I give and stuff. You can’t send me to Hell. I help people.” But is it enough? I would go to church and pay tithes, but I kept getting burnt out trying not to curse, reading my Bible, helping everybody, while watching the world party. My patience would run thin and I would go get me a daiquiri because this is too hard and well, God will forgive me right?

Outwardly, I was a good person. I believed I was getting into Heaven because of my good deeds. But being a Christian, a true Christian, is a heart thing. There’s nothing I could do to get myself into Heaven. Romans 10:9 says, “If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” Jesus shedding his blood for us on the cross was enough to forgive us from our sins and give us eternal salvation. In John 10:18, Jesus says, “No one takes it from me, but I lay it down of my own accord.” Because God loved us he sent his son to die and Jesus gave his life for us, willing. So, I can’t pray, “God, I know you sent your Son. And he died, horribly. But I gotta do one more thing to get into heaven. I don’t feel like that was enough.”

Romans 6:23 says, “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Wait? A new life? I must had ran to the alter at church, confessed Jesus is lord and believed God raised him from the dead, and left my gift of eternal life and went home. Learning this has helped me see that Jesus is enough and he always will be. I could do nothing else to save myself.

I had to recognize No one is perfect here on Earth and we all fall short of the God’s glory. So, we must repent (a change of mind that results in a change of action), have faith and trust in Jesus Christ. Now I don’t feel like I have to win God’s love, because he loved me first. And I don’t get burnt out doing the right because I could never repay Him for what he has done. But, now, to serve Him is an honor. Just to be His hands and feet and show the world His Spirit lives in me.

Now, please don’t get it twisted. There is a big difference in loving someone and someone loving you back. Unless you are a little crazy, you can’t claim to love somebody and your actions say different. I can’t say I love my parents but disrespect them all day, and be disobedient. My actions don’t match my words. That doesn’t mean I won’t do something that they don’t approve once in a while and get fussed at little. That doesn’t mean they hate me either. But if I love them I can’t be the child that keeps getting into all types of hell. How much do I love them if I’m representing all wrong?

When we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we receive God’s Holy Spirit to live inside of us. He comes to sanctify, purify, and clean us up. Ephesians 4:30 says, “Do not make God’s Holy Spirit have sorrow for the way you live. John 16:13 says, “However, when the Spirit of Truth comes, he will guide you in all truth…” In other words, don’t suppress the Holy Spirit trying to clean you up and help you live right. We are all filthy needing washing by Jesus. But don’t be so caught up in yourself, that you stop Him from doing his work in you. For example, if I have a issue with anger and one day I just get so irritated with my co worker, I just let her have it!  And afterwards I feel bad. I feel conviction from the Holy Spirit and I have to apologize because I went too far. Your flesh ( your feelings, your will, your intellect) will tell you that you don’t have to apologize because they deserved it and if they come in your face again you’re going to do it AGAIN! But God may tell you to apologize. Something you don’t want to do. Most days it’s a fight! Your way or God’s way. I can tell you this…it gets easier the more you get to know God and love Him. You just want to represent Him well with your life and do what brings glory. That’s being a witness to others and sharing Jesus’ light and love. You repent and next time something of the sort happens, you try do better.

So, yeah, I was once a good person, sometimes. I felt that’s all it took to get me out of going to Hell. But now as I’ve gotten to see the importance of My Savior Jesus Christ and God has opened my eyes to the great value of what He did for us because he loved us, I’m a saved person filled with His Holy Spirit. I’m not perfect but just living differently. Everyday I live with my faith in Jesus and that’s enough to get me into heaven!

If you’re not sure of your salvation in Jesus Christ or maybe you have been suppressing those urges from the Holy Spirit. Those urges calling you to do better and live right before God. Or maybe its just been awhile since you checked yourself on the way you have been representing God, would you pray to God right now. I’m not forcing and I won’t tell you what to say, but just be real with Him. He knows you anyway and he still loves you and he’s still waiting. Just be sincere and he will forgive you and help you in your weak areas and assure you that you are His child.

Be blessed God’s People!