This world is full of different types of people. They all have different personalities and they all look different. People are great, but I was not a people person. I didn’t really like to get too close to people. People get all in your space and your business. Then,you have some people who are so nice that it makes you think they are crazy.  You have to ask why are they so nice, because this world is dangerous. Oh, and last but not least, there are the people that just walk up and talk to you. Complete strangers!  What school is that taught at? As soon as I would see them coming, I’m speed walking away. I’m not like that anymore. I’m probably one of those people I use to talk about now, but it took a while to get me to take the brick walls down.

There is a story in the Bible where this stranger starts to talk with these two men. These two disciples were walking to a town called Emmaus. They were leaving Jerusalem after having seen Jesus been crucified. It was a seven mile walk so they started talking about all that happened. Just chatting away and here comes this stranger and asks what they were talking about. (One of those people I mentioned earlier :)) Well, the stranger was really Jesus risen from the grave but they couldn’t recognize Him. Luke 24:16 says, “They were prevented from recognizing him.” Their faces became all sad and disappointed as they explain to “the stranger” all the things that had happened, and how they had high hopes for Jesus to save Israel from Roman control. They even told “the stranger” how some women came to them saying the tomb where Jesus’ body was is now empty. The stranger became mad at they way they were talking and tells them these things had to happen for Christ to enter into glory. Then, he explained more about the scriptures to them. They enjoyed this strangers conversation. He knew the scriptures, he was passionate, and had his own ways of looking at things. When they came to their destination, the stranger acted as if he was going on ahead, but the disciples urged him to stay with them because it was getting late. They really liked the guy! After the “stranger” accepts their invitation, they have dinner. Jesus took a seat at the table to eat, he takes the bread, blesses it, brakes it, and gives it to them. Then,  Luke 24:31 says, “Their eyes were opened and they recognized him, but he disappeared from their sight.”

So, the Bible tells me that these two men, minding there own business, walking along he road, get asked what they are talking about by a complete stranger, and they have NO idea its our Lord and Savior. They were his disciples. They seen all those miracles, walked with him, talked with him, and even watched him die this horrible death and yet, didn’t recognize him.

Going to church helps us catch glimpses of Jesus. We see his power. We hear the beauty of His word from the preacher. We see the wonder of His worship and hear the lovely voices of the choir. We can do this every Sunday forever and still leave the church and continue to live like we never been in His presence. These two disciples recognized Jesus only after after inviting Him in their home. We don’t have the physical Jesus, yet, but we do have His words and the Holy Spirit. In order to recognize Our Risen savior we must invite Him into our lives, our secret places, our conversations, our hearts, our families . Yes, you can leave Him at church every Sunday if you like. Jesus would sure bust up your flow listening to Lil Wayne in your car, and it would be hard picking out what you’re going to wear at the club tonight with Jesus hanging in the living room. And gossiping about your friends, co workers, and family, wouldn’t be as fun if Jesus was to ask to join the conversation. You can’t ask Jesus to ride to the store with you to buy cigarettes, liquor, or weed. “Jesus, wait here while I go see my girlfriend or boyfriend at 2 in the morning.” Now that’s all wrong. Why do we feel it’s okay to leave Jesus at church on Sunday?

Now, this was me. Not all of it ;). While I did whatever I wanted, I forgot God is all knowing. I lived in a way that was right in my own eyes. But I was missing the miracle of seeing the Risen Savior! I never invited Him because I wanted to continue to live they way I wanted without Him sitting in my bedroom waiting to point out my disobedience. To be honest, if you’re perfect and do no wrong, then you don’t need Jesus. Who needs a savior if you don’t need saving? You could say, “Save me from what? I’m good.” But the Bible tells us the wages of sin is death. Everyday we see the consequences of sin in our lives and others. We all need Jesus because he is the only way to be forgiven for our sins and have a relationship with Our Holy Father. I knew that if my goal was to get my ticket into Heaven, I had to get Jesus out of church and invite Him into my Heart. Heaven is a place you cannot get by yourself, but that other place (we all know the name) you definitely can.

Its suppose to be life changing when you invite Jesus home. Nothing is suppose remain the same. With Jesus in your heart, He will change the way you talk, the things you do, your perspective on life. Hebrews 12:14 says, ” Strive for peace with everyone, and for the holiness without which no one will see the Lord.” When you believe in Jesus, you recieve the Holy Spirit that helps mold you into the image of Christ. He helps you stop cursing, drinking, smoking, lusting, stealing, etc. You don’t do that alone. God loves you just the way you are right now, this very moment. But the reason you begin to obey Him is because you start to love Him back. Its a relationship of love and trust. He might seem as a stranger walking along side the road, trying to join your conversation right now, but He wants to become the best friend you never had. He wants to reveal his love, sacrifice, and victory to your heart. Invite Him in.