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“Tell me the truth! No, wait, don’t!”


One of the things God is teaching me everyday is love. You may say, “This is simple. Its just an overwhelming feeling of affection for someone.” Yeah, I thought that too. In life, I thought you didn’t have to love everyone the same, because you don’t know everyone the same. Some relationships are deeper than others. And I cant just walk up to strangers and start hugging and whispering nice things to them…that’s weird right?? Its illegal! So, the Holy Spirit had to transform my definition of love to fit what God means.

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“Fear not!”


I can’t tell you a time in my youth where I wasn’t afraid of something. I was afraid of a new school, new people, any kind of changes scared me. There are the obvious the things you grow up being afraid of like ghosts and Micheal Jackson (these are my fears). As I got older I grew out of the little fears, and the big ones set in. I was afraid of lack in finances, afraid of a broken heart, afraid of death, and afraid of failing in life, etc. I was in total frustration most of the time because of this four letter word. Continue reading ““Fear not!””

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