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“Am I good enough for Heaven,Yet?”


Doing the right thing is not always easy. We fight everyday to do what we see is right by our moral standards. We help those who are less fortunate, sometimes. We may give a friend a ride in our car if they don’t have one, sometimes. We may even stop at the hospital to see a sick friend, sometimes. But is it enough? Enough for what?

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“I don’t hate them, I just don’t like them.”


God always amazes me . The more I learn about his character through His word. I’m just blown away by how much he cares about us and loves us. And I always pray, “God, help me to love like you.” That’s easier said then done. Looking at how God loves, It’s going to take me a while to get to that place. There are just some people in life that repeal love like bug spray. If you get to close to them they always end up hurting you.

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“I just want to help?”

I remember when I was pregnant with my son , I was always so sick. I didn’t he energy to do ANYTHING. Just nauseous and weak. My mom would call and check on me. “Kenisha, how are you? Still sick?” I would say, yeah mom and tired. She would ask to come by. I would say, ” Mom, I look a mess, I haven’t cleaned up.” She would ask me to come see her and I would give her a thousand excuses because it was exhausting getting me and my belly and my 1 year old daughter in the car.  My mom understood. She is a mother of five girls so she sympathized with me. But when she did come over and see my house wasn’t so tidy, she would become Super MoM. She would cook, wash clothes, wash dishes, get the baby to nap, and sneak off before my husband came home from work.  I would sit in the bed and yell to her not to do anything! I was so embarrassed, but she loved me and she just wanted to help.

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